Rigord of St. Denis

The Rigord of St. Denis was a Frenchman who lived in the 12th century.

“At that time from the sea will rise a very strong wind, which will strike terror in the hearts of men, and it will raise sand and dust from the surface of the earth, until it will cover the trees and the towers… And there will be heard in the air quakes and thunder and voices which will strike terror in the hearts of men, and all the countries will be covered with sand and dust… For that wind will rise from the west corner and reach until the west corner, encompassing all the countries of Egypt and Ethiopia… and also the lands of Rome.

“After those events of the winds, five miracles will come to pass one after another.

“First, a most wise man will arise from the east, versed in secret wisdom, that is, in wisdom which is beyond man. And he will walk in justice and will teach the law of truth, and he will cause many to return to straight mores from the darkness of ignorance, and from unbelief to the way of truth, and he will instruct the sinners in the way of righteousness, and he will not pride himself with being counted among the prophets.

“Secondly, a man will come forth from Elam and will assemble a multitude of great forces (Daniel 11:1), and will wage a great war against the nations (Zechariah 14), and he will not live long.

NOTE: It is difficult to say which of these men might be what other seers have described as the Holy Man, or the Holy Emperor, who will bring peace and Catholicism to a troubled world.

“Thirdly, up will rise another man who will say that he is a prophet. He will hold a book in his hand and say that he was sent by God and by His prophets. And with his teachings he will cause many nations to go astray, and will seduce even more. But that which he will prophesy will come upon his own head. And he, too, will not live long.

NOTE: This seems to describe the Antichrist, as it paints the picture of a man who leads many astray and who claims divinity.

“Fourthly, a comet will be seen in heaven — a star, that is, with a tail or appendage — and this apparition will signify destructions and tumults and hard strifes, and withholding of rains, and dryness of the earth, and mighty battles, and the flowing of blood upon the earth of the east, and from beyond the River Habor it will reach to the very end of the west. And the just and the truly righteous will be oppressed and will suffer persecutions, and the house of prayer will be destroyed.

NOTE: Many other prophets speak of a comet that will come during these times. Whether it is the cause of the earth’s ills or merely a harbinger has yet to be determined.

“Fifthly, there will be an eclipse of the sun, like the color of fire, until the whole body of the sun will be obscured, and at the time of the eclipse there will such darkness over the earth as there is at midnight on those nights when there is no moonlight, in the days of the rains…”

NOTE: The prophecy ends with what other saints and seers refer to as the three days of darkness, which some believe will overshadow the earth in the end times and its result will be that the tormentors of the Church shall perish.

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