Nursing Nun of Bellay

The prophecy attributed to the Nursing Nun of Bellay dates to the 19th century.

“Once again the madmen seem to gain the upper hand! They laugh God to scorn. Now, the churches are closed; the pastors run away; the Holy Sacrifice ceases.

“Woe to thee, corrupt city! The wicked try to destroy everything; their books and their doctrines are swamping the world. But the day of justice is come. Here is your King; he comes forward amidst the confusion of those stormy days. Horrible times! The just and the wicked fall; Babylon is reduced to ashes. Woe to thee, city three times accursed!

“There was also a great battle, the like of which has never been seen before. Blood was flowing like water after a heavy rain. The wicked were trying to slaughter all the servants of the Religion of Jesus Christ. After they had killed a large number, they raised a cry of victory, but suddenly the just received help from above.

“A saint raises his arms to Heaven; he allays the wrath of God. He ascends the throne of Peter. At the same time, the Great Monarch ascends the throne of his ancestors. All is quiet now. Altars are set up again; religion comes to life again. What I see now is so wonderful that I am unable to express it.

“All these things shall come to pass once the wicked have succeeded in circulation large numbers of bad books.”

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