Liber Mirabilis

Translated by Jean de Vatiguerro, Liber Mirabilis is a collection of Medieval Latin prophecies that were first published in the 1500’s.

“All elements will become altered, because it is necessary, that the whole condition of the Centuries becomes changed; Certainly will the Earth at many places be in a dreadful state of collapse and all living things will be swallowed up. Numerous strong Towns and Cities will be shattered and collapse in Earthquakes… The Sea will scream out and raise itself against the whole World. The Air will be dirty and be polluted because of the Grossness and Discord of Men…The air will completely change and because of Pestilence, Illness through it will break out, and will completely spoiled. Men will become like animals from the various new Diseases. They will be overcome and die suddenly. An indescribable plague will break out from a sudden and terrible Famine and will torment Men. It will be such great suffering in the whole World, and there is nowhere in the West that this will not find its place. Since the beginning of the World there has been nothing as horrible as this.”

NOTE: It is amazing that this prophecy was written in the middle ages when it speaks of the air being “dirty and polluted” because of the “grossness of men.” Remember, this is before air pollution would have even been possible as it was written well before the industrial revolution and the use of fossil fuels. This prophecy warns us again about rising sea levels, which, if caused by global warming, would be in direct correlation to our polluted air. The prophecy speaks of cities being destroyed by earthquakes and in the very next breath tells us that “the sea will scream out and raise itself,” which bares a striking similarity to the earthquakes and ensuing tsunamis that have devastated southeast Asia, Japan and other places in recent times.

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