Hepidanus was a Swiss monk in the 11th century.

“From North to South, the world will be split into two mighty hosts. The North will march against the South, the son against the father, and bring misfortune with him across the mountains as the night follows the day… A gloomy cloud will appear, and a terrible tempest will come forth from this cloud. It will consume a third of mankind, still living then. And it will destroy a third of all the crops, villages, and cities, and there will be a great misery and lamentation.

NOTE: The North could be symbolic of Christianity and the South could represent the Islamic world, which would make sense if this prophecy is applied to our current era. The terrible cloud which will consume a third of mankind could be a nuclear holocaust, asteroid collision, or possibly a major volcanic eruption.

“A mighty empire will vanish thereafter, and another will take its place. From the East blows a storm, from the West a hurricane howls; woe to those who come into the sphere of this bloody whirlpool. Thrones a thousand years old will fall from the height… between the Rhine, the Elbe, and the Danube there will be a vast morgue, and a landscape of vultures and ravens… When a sign of fire will appear in the heavens, the time will have come close for these days to engulf humanity… but the date, when this sign will flash across the heavens, no mortal will know.”

NOTE: This great sign that signifies the end of the world has been prophesied by many other saints and seers.

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